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The Bad Art Bistro's menu and food change often, with the season, and with the best produce, fish, and fowl. We endeavor to provide you and your guests with flavors both simple and complex that please the palate.

How we feel about food & wine.

Much can be said for food. People devote their lives to its cultivation, preparation, refinement, and experience. We are no different. We are the refiners, the sommeliers paring the perfect grape with it's partner dish. So here is to the foodies, the drinkers of finer wines that know their stuff and want to share their favorite experience with their friends, colleagues and family. Cheers to you as you experience our seasonal menus throughout the year.


Food critics and enthusiasts alike will appreciate the complex and well orchestrated ingredients that come to life like a painting from chef Andrew Clark's brilliant mind. Diners will find he has a knack for creating a pleasing and spectacular experience for their taste buds.

Summer Menu

Small Plates

Seafood Puff Pie 9

Veloute ~ Salmon ~ Shrimp ~ Puff Pastry


Steak Crostini 12

Seared Angus Steak ~ Sriacha Aoli ~ Herbed Cream Cheese


Charcuterie Tray 12

Salami ~ Prosciutto ~ Fromage ~ Dates


Lobster Mac & Cheese 14

Gruyere ~ Bechamel ~ Butter Poached Lobster

Steak Tartar 10

Fresh Ground Sirloin ~ Capers ~ Egg Yolk


Hand Kneaded Thin Crust Pizza 11

Chicken ~ White Sauce ~ Caramelized Onions ~ Sautéed Mushrooms


Organic Mixed Green Salad 7

Goat's Cheese ~ House Vinaigrette ~ Mixed Greens


Caesar Salad 8

Browned Bread ~ Romaine


House Mash 5

Smoked Brussels Sprouts 6

Sautéed Haircot'vert 5

Sweet Mash 5

Garlic Frites 5

Summer... In Missouri this is the season of warm sunny days, golden sunsets, random rain showers & thunder in the distance. As the wild grapes ripen on the river banks you'll be sitting on our covered patio in the cool shade. Drinking refreshing cocktails & bright crisp wines. Enjoy our clean & wholesome Summer faire.


Grilled Yellowfin Tuna 24

Braised Barley ~ Asparagus ~ Pepper Coulis


Seared Rack of Lamb 28

House Mash Potatoes ~ Smoked Brussels Sprouts


Pan Seared Salmon 22

Polenta Cake ~ Braised Endive ~ Rocket Salad


Fresh Cut House Sirloin 26

10 oz cut ~ Herbed / Garlic Frites ~ Cowboy Green Beans

Chicken Gorgonzola Pasta 18

Cream Sauce ~ Fresh Rolled Pasta


Pork Chop 23

Heirloom Potatoes ~ Green Beans ~ Bourbon Glaze


8 oz. Angus Burger 13

Pretzel Bun ~ Herbed / Garlic Frites


Beef Tenderloin Medallion 29

Sweet Potato Mash ~ Asparagus ~ Burgundy Sauce

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